Elgin County & The Great War

Battalion Pin of the 91st

The First World War had an impact on virtually every family and household in the county.


The Elgin County Museum presents this website as a resource for those wishing to learn more about the local contribution to the great global conflict. As we pass through the centenary of the War events and ceremonies will mark and remember. After those occasions have faded this website will remain as a place to learn, reflect and remember the sacrifice and devotion of the men and women of Elgin County who proved themselves more than adequate during a very difficult time.

The experiences of the War are as varied as the men that endured them. From celebrated medal winners such as Ellis Sifton, to those lost in the storm of war, never to be found again, each soldier will have his own page. Like the Book of Rememberance, written in 1921, this website will see to remember as many of the soldiers of Elgin County as we can identify.

A collection of this size will require time to assemble. Check back as each battalion or service is added to the database. We will also require your help. If you have information or images relevant to this collection, please see the contact information at the bottom of this page to make your submissions. Promises were made to never forget the deeds of the Great War. Join us in building this resource for our own education, and that of future generations.